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Policing, especially drug policing, disproportionately targets, prosecutes and punishes black people. This racist criminalization is perpetuated throughout the justice system, from racist stop and searches and arrests to harsher punishments and sentencing. We are working to bring people together to end this structural violence, fighting the conditions that keep it in place and supporting those targeted by it against victimization.

Jamal is being brought to court on conspiracy charges. His hearing starts at 10am on Monday 9th September and is scheduled to last for 5 days. It is our hope that it will be thrown out before then, but we need to be prepared to give our support. We want the court room to be filled on each day of the appearance. Come to support him at Woolwich Crown Court, next door to HMP Belmarsh, Weston Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB. Buses to the venue are: 244, 380, 672, 472. 177 is a walking distance away. A map can be found on the following link:

Train stations are: Woolwich Arsenal DLR and Plumstead Rail Station

For further info, contact 07940 036 305.

Facebook event: