Report From Woolwich Crown Court, 4th September

On Wednesday 4th of September over twenty Londoners involved in LCAPSV gathered outside Woolwich Crown Court with banners and leaflets. This was to protest the case of Husani and Asante Williams, and all black men and women who have suffered as a result of the racism of the police.

The Williams brothers were the victims of a vicious attack by the Metropolitan police which resulted in lasting physical and mental damage to both men. On the 1st of June this year their car was attacked by armed officers, and both Husani and Asante were subjected to a prolonged assault. During the attack both men had racist abuse thrown at them by the armed officers in charge.

After realising their mistake in attacking the Williams brothers, the police planted drugs on Husani in order to justify the unjustifiable nature of their attack.

The police are yet to apologise for the attack, and for the abuse of their powers. They continue to pursue Husani for a false charge.

Husani was in court for a preliminary hearing to decide how his charge of possession would be managed. It seems likely that his trial will now not be heard until Spring next year, due to CPS mismanagement and the vague nature of the charge against him. We will continue to support him and his brother in their fight for justice, and against the racism of the police.

The fight for Husani and Asante Williams is the fight for Jason O’Connor, is the fight for Jamal Elsaaidi, and is the fight for all those who are oppressed by the police.

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