Remembering Jimmy Mubenga & the International Day of Migrants


Jimmy Mubenga who died in G4S deportation custody aged 46


Today is the international day of migrants, while some rightly celebrate the contributions that migrants bring to these shores. For many of us, today is a day of mourning and remembrance.

There is a demonstration today at 6:30pm outside the Home Office Building (2 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DF) in solidarity with Jimmy Mubenga’s family. It has been organised by Movement for Justice which we and Black Revs support. The details are here

We mourn the individuals, the parents, the children and the babies who have drowned or were killed by traffickers in attempting migrate across the Mediterranean sea to safety in Europe.

Our tears carry a promise to end this suffering.

We mourn the deaths of Joy Gardner, Jimmy Mubenga, Prince OfosuChristine Case, Rubel Ahmed and the many others who died in state custody due to migrating to Britain without regular documents, we will organise with their loved ones towards justice.

Our tears carry a promise to end this suffering.

We mourn those whose names are not known, those who died in humble circumstances not deemed horrific enough to capture media interest.

Our tears carry a promise to end this suffering.

We remember those like Isa Muazu who have been demonised, disgraced and deported by successive governments.

We remember the hundreds of thousands who migrate to Europe, the tens of thousands stranded at tent strewn refugee camps and the many thousands locked up in immigration detention centres.

We remember the Harmondsworth hunger strikers, the uprisings at four detention centres and the resistance and solidarity that is being built in defence of migrants.

Their actions sustain a growing movement. It transforms our promise from a hope to a reality. May it continue until the victory.


London Campaign against Police & State Violence as a group currently focusses our efforts on police brutality but we work with other organisations where state sponsored violence overlap with this and other issues.

We recommend the following organisations that work on specifically on defending the rights of migrants:

Anti-Raids Network
Migrants Rights Network
Movement for Justice
RAMFEL Charity
Right to Remain

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